Swiss tradition, European roots, Eastern expertise.
To meet both your personal and corporate needs.

We offer integrated financial solutions
Whether you are an individual, a member of a family, an entrepreneur or a professional, we strive to use all of the human and technical resources available to us to maintain and develop your wealth.

A boutique bank for active
international investors


A boutique bank, located in the three main Swiss financial centres

The world’s top international wealth management hub and the global leader for cross-border Wealth Management

A boutique bank with a full range of services with international scale since 1985

Switzerland enjoys long standing political stability, a strong economy and a safe currency


Fully owned subsidiary of Banque Internationale à Luxembourg

Founded in 1856, the oldest private bank in the Grand Duchy

Top 3 bank in Luxembourg


Strong expertise in China, Eastern Europe and the Middle East

Strong Greater China team

A world-wide network of international experts, including in Beijing and Hong Kong

Expertise in servicing Asian clients benefiting from our relationship with Legend Holdings, BIL’s main shareholder


A boutique bank for active
Wealth Management


Client Focus Organised to support diverse client
needs with direct access to specialists
and dedicated Relationship Managers

Entrepreneurial A strong entrepreneurial spirit

Flexibility Significant agility and speed
in decision-making

Independence and Responsibility Transparent and open architecture

Broad Offering Leveraging synergies with BIL Group
(e.g. yacht financing and
international mortgages)


Active Wealth Management

International Entrepreneurs and Families

Eastward Expansion

Professional Intermediaries


Why bank in Switzerland? The top choice for international entrepreneurs

Stability safety
and quality of life

Switzerland is the world’s top international wealth management hub and the global leader for crossborder Wealth Management, profiting from long standing political stability, a strong economy and a safe currency

Located in the heart of Europe, Switzerland has an outstanding infrastructure to access Europe and the rest of the world

Global private
banking centre

Swiss Wealth Management stands for trust and discretion, upscale client experience, a stable political and financial environment and deep expertise

Benefiting from the skills of its multicultural workforce and a customer-oriented approach, Switzerland has transformed itself into a leading global financial center

Innovation and

Switzerland is one of the most competitive business centers welcoming foreign investments with one of the highest concentrations of Fortune 500 companies in the world

Switzerland incubates some of the world’s most innovative startups, offers a competitive tax system and liberal business environment for international companies