Career path built
on excellence

Join BIL Switzerland to create a career path built on excellence in client services and expertise. BIL offers attractive career and the possibility for those with talent to build this path that can evolve according to the needs of the bank so that both parties can grow and flourish

WHY Switzerland?

Switzerland is consistently ranked as among the most stable and safe countries worldwide. Switzerland being located in the heart of Europe, it has a hugely diverse working nation.

It is also at the heart of Europe when it comes to financial markets.


BIL is offering you a high degree of autonomy in the workplace, giving you the freedom to develop innovative solutions and explore new opportunities. It means that while you will be expected to report regularly on business matters, you won’t be micromanaged.

The Bank’s relatively modest size is also a huge advantage. We are large enough to offer clients a wide breadth of products and services, but also small enough to develop close personal relationships with our clients.

This puts us on a strong footing against some of our larger competitors and it means we have a strong value proposition that can attract clients with complicated wealth needs.

BIL employees also benefit from a good work-life balance. We collaborate closely with one another and promote teamwork. It’s a very dynamic and open environment.

For current vacancies please follow us on LinkedIn or visit our dedicated corporate job site.

BIL Suisse carries the Fair-ON-Pay label and underlines thereby its lasting commitment to equal pay between women and men!

Fair ON